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DENTAL Activities held at Suri Seri Begawan Hospital, Kuala Belait


World Oral Health Day (WOHD), which is organised by the principal representative body for dental professions worldwide, FDI World Dental Federation, falls on 20th of March every year. It is celebrated internationally to commemorate the benefits of healthy mouth. This important day also offers the dental and oral health community a platform to promote awareness around oral health issues while coming up with actions to help reduce oral health burden in the community.


This year is the second phase of the 3-years campaign launched for WOHD by the FDI with the main theme of "Say Ahh". The first phase that took place on WOHD 2018 focused on the subtheme "Think Mouth, Think Health" which underlined the connection between oral health and general well-being. For this WOHD 2019, the campaign proceeds onto the next phase with the subtheme of "Act on Mouth Health". With the freshly acquired awareness from the previous year's subtheme, this campaign aims to motivate the public to take action on their own oral health by educating on preventive care.


The Department of Dental Services, Ministry of Health through the Oral Health Promotion Division organized  dental activities in conjunction with the World Oral Health Day 2019 at the National Dental Centre from 11th March to 14th March.  The Department expanded the dental activities to Belait District with Suri Seri Begawan Hospital, Kuala Belait as the chosen venue to hold the activities on 13th April 2019.  Three (3) private schools were invited for the activities, with an estimated involvement of 200 students. The invited schools include Tunas Jaya PGGMB School, St James's School and St John's School.  The activities conducted were Dental Cinema; Dental Supermarket; Dental Musical Chair; and Little Dentist.


On the same day, the Department of Dental Services also conducted a dental talk held at the Maktab Anthony Abell, Seria.  The talk was given by specialists from the Department and was attended by 262 students from year 9 and 10.  The talk, which entitled Fake Dentistry', was aimed at giving information to the students on dental services given by individuals who are not registered with the Ministry of Health.  The talk was also intended to increase awareness for the students on the  detrimental effects of using fake braces and fake veneers to oral health.


The Department of Dental Services hoped that the activities organized in conjunction with the World Oral Health Day would be able to educate and raise awareness towards oral health and prevention of tooth decay among children as well as the harmful effects of fake dentistry to public.  The Department also hoped that the activities would fulfill the three objectives set by the Department of Dental Services, that is; to commemorate World Oral Health Day 2019; to cultivate good oral hygiene habits among children; and to educate children to be responsible in maintaining their oral health.

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Date                : 13th April 2019

Reference       : KK/PR 3/1