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No New COVID-19 Case Reported Today, 6 April 2020





06 April 2020


1.      Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, the Ministry of Health would like to announce that today, Monday, 12 Syaaban 1441 / 06 April 2020, there is no new case of COVID-19 infection in the country. Therefore, as of now the total number of COVID-19 cases in Brunei Darussalam remains at 135 cases. However, the spread of the COVID-19 infection has not ended and we must continue to abide to all the precautionary measures in order to further reduce the risk of spreading the infection.


2.     Meanwhile, there are 9 more cases treated at the National Isolation Center that have recovered and allowed to return home, bringing the total number of people recovered so far are 82 people. This means that there are 52 cases still being treated at the National Isolation Center. Of these, 1 from the 3 cases previously in critical condition and requiring respiratory assistance at the Center's Intensive Care Unit have gradually recovered and no longer needs respiratory assistance. At present, the patient is in close monitoring. Meanwhile, 2 patients are still in critical condition where one of them still requires heart / lung machine (ECMO) assistance. Meanwhile, the rest are in a stable condition.


3.     At this time as well, a total 2124 individuals have completed their quarantine in accordance to the Infectious Disease Act (Chapter 204) and only 237 individuals who are still undergoing quarantine.


4.     As of today, 305 individuals have completed their self-isolation period in isolation facilities provided by the Government and are allowed to return to their respective homes, bringing the total number to 628 individuals. Since early January 2020, a total of 8,261 laboratory tests for COVID-19 have been conducted, leading to a ratio of 1 in 53 individuals in the country that has been tested for COVID-19.


5.     According to the COVID-19 case statistics in Brunei Darussalam to date, 25 out of 135 cases detected (18.5%) were foreigners. This includes some of the foreign workers who are working in the country. Therefore, the Ministry of Health will enhance the monitoring of the spread of COVID-19 in the country, especially among migrant workers in which the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs will conduct laboratory tests at random among migrant workers working in this country. Selected employers will be contacted to bring the workers to undergo the laboratory COVID-19 test for free. Cooperation from these employers is very much needed to help the Government to curb the spread of the disease in the country.


6.     The Ministry of Health once again want to emphasize to the public, although at this time, the spread COVID-19 in the country is under control, but we cannot be complacent and should continue to take preventive measures. For business outlets and small retail outlets should implement measures such as body temperature screening and providing hand sanitisers, as well as limiting the number of customers at a time, putting up measure or signs for social distancing, ensuring the cleanliness of the trolly carts and baskets, and others. Business owners are also advised to provide an alternative method of sales in order to reduce contacts and overcrowding such as drive-through service, delivery service, self-pickup service and others. Accordingly, the public is advised to practice social and physical distancing while going to shopping centres, the markets, small retail stores and any public places; do not spend too much time making purchases and avoid going into crowded areas or places. For those at risk such as the elderly should take extra precautions and if possible, all purchases of daily necessities to be bought by low-risk family members. I would like to take the opportunity to remind and advise the public, to prioritise the use of online services of all governmental or banking matters that are offered.


7.     For further information and latest updates, members of the public can visit the official website of the Ministry of Health at or by contacting the Health Advice Line 148 (operating 24-hours) or through the web application


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    Reference              : KK/PR/2

    Date                     : 12 Syaaban 1441H / 06 April 2020