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Mind Your Mind (MYM) Programme 2017


Event name: Mind Your Mind and World Health Day Event

Date: 14th May 2017 

Location: Bandarkuceria, Bandar Seri Begawan


1) Mind Your Mind Brunei - is a mental health awareness programme run by the Ministry of Health (MOH)  by MOH psychologists and the psychiatry department for the past 4 years to end the stigma on mental health issues in Brunei Darussalam and enable Bruneians in dealing with their own mental health.


2) Mental health issues are common in Bruneian society with 1 in 4 of us likely to develop it during our lifetimes. 


3) Internationally, mental health issues are not talked about enough in most societies often leading to sufferers to suffer in silence, not knowing that what they going through is likely to be a medical condition that can be treated.


4) The problem is so acute that the World Health Organization has dedicated this year's World Health Day to be themed around mental health with the slogan "Depression, Let's talk" 


5) The stigma and misconceptions about mental health issues are particularly acute in our society


To that end we are approaching you and hope that your team can work with us to help highlight this event and raise awareness about  issues surrounding mental health in your student community, especially in calling for volunteers to help us run this event. 

For more details on how to register to MYM, refer to the poster below.