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FOUR new import case COVID-19 reported today, 26 May 2021




13 Syawal 1442 / 26 May 2021


1.    The Ministry of Health would like to inform the public on the current situation of the COVID-19 infection in Brunei Darussalam for Wednesday, 13 Syawal 1442 / 26 May 2021, as of 12.00 noon. 


Summary of Cases

New Case Today
Total Number of Cases ​ ​
​ ​
​ ​
Recovered Case TodayActive CasesDeathsRecovered

Last local COVID-19 caseTotal number of imported cases since the last local case was reported

Reported on 6 May 2020

(385 days ago)

99 Cases


Summary of individuals undergoing Self-Isolation

Total number of individuals undergoing Mandatory Self Isolation

Total number of individuals who have completed Mandatory Self Isolation

(since March 2020)


 Summary of number of Virus SARS-CoV-2 tests

Total number of tests conducted within 24 hours

Total number of tests conducted

(since January 2020)

1020 samples126,634 tests

2.    The new cases are as follows:

  • Case 237 is a man aged 52 years old, who arrived in the country from Manila on 12 May 2021. This case has no symptoms.

  • Case 238 is a man aged 52 years old, who arrived in the country from Kuala Lumpur on 12 May 2021. This case has no symptoms.


  • Case 239 is a man aged 42 years old, who arrived in the country from Manila on 12 May 2021. This case has no symptoms.


  • Investigation and contact tracing have confirmed that there are no close contacts for the three new cases since they were quarantined upon arrival in the country and their entire travel arrangements upon arrival and self-isolation are in accordance with the existing standard operating procedures (SOPs).


3.    Meanwhile, Case 240 is a man aged 40 years old, who arrived in the country from Bangladesh on 12 May 2021. He has undergone a swab test RT-PCR on 23 May 2021, where the preliminary results shown he was positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Following that, the individual has been admitted to the National Isolation Centre for further examination and testing to ascertain when the case was infected.


  • Both the RT-PCR SAR-CoV-2 test results taken before arriving in the country and the current repeat tests during the quarantine period were negative.


  • The case was well throughout his time in Brunei Darussalam and never showed any signs of infection.


  • Further tests conducted on this case on 25 May 2021 has found that this case is positive for a high IgG antibody level, while the IgM antibody level is negative. This situation indicates that the infection is an old infection and it is very likely this case was infected before arriving in Brunei Darussalam.


  • Meanwhile, a repeat SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR test was also performed yesterday on this case where the result was negative. Scientific studies have found that a person who has been infected with SARS-CoV-2 is more likely to continue to have non-viable virus remnants in their respiratory tract for up to a year after being infected and therefore, sometimes will still have positive test results even after being infected for a long time. However, old cases like this case cannot infect others.


  • This case is identified as an old infection that cannot infect others and this case is also classified as an imported case. 


4.    All the cases treated at the National Isolation Centre in a stable condition.


5.    For further information and latest updates, members of the public can visit the official website of the Ministry of Health at or by contacting the Health Advice Line 148 (during office hours) or through the BruHealth App.


Follow the Guidelines for the Eid Aidilfitri Celebration that has been issued for this year.


- END -

Reference    : KK/PR/1

Date             : 13 Syawal 1442 / 26 May 2021