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Abidin bin Haji Othman

Head of Healthcare Technology

Abidin Haji Othman was appointed as the head of Healthcare Technology (2016). Abidin have been with Healthcare Technology, Ministry of Health for over 20 years and have participated in many of its activities. He was appointed as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for MOH (2015) and is a member of the Bru-HIMS taskforce Committee. He is also a member ACCSQ-Medical Device Product Working Group (2007-2015) and ASIAN Harmonised Working Party (2009-2016).

​He has a Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Electronics and Medical Equipment Management and has received formal Technical Training on Biomedical Equipment. As part of his development in his career, Abidin also had the opportunity to participate in the 10th Executive Development Programme Middle Management Officer and the 6th Brunei/Malaysia/ Singapore Leadership Development Programme. He also has training in other areas such as Supervisor and Management Training (IPA) and Medical Regulatory Training.

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