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​Zainon Binti Mohd Taha

Head of Laboratiries

Zainon Mohd Taha is Head of Laboratories since 2016 where previously she held the post of Director of Scientific Services. During her time with the ministry, Zainon has had many experiences not only in the laboratory arena but also in the public health. In many occasions, she has been called in as an expert witness in court for drugs cases and was the lead in setting up the Food Quality Control Division, involved in the formulation of Food Act & its Regulations and establishing the Food Safety Laboratory.

When she was heading the Scientific Services, she led the restructuring and centralization of laboratory services under one roof and later on achieved laboratory accreditation of ISO 17025. She also has appointments in professional organization and communities within ASEAN such as being the National Project Coordinator for The Project Coordination Group on Strengthening ASEAN Risk Assessment Capability to Support Food Safety Measures Project & Food Inspection and Certification for Shrimp and Bivalve Molluscs in ASEAN Project under ASEAN Australia Regional Partner Scheme and Focal Point/Contact Person for -  ASEAN Expert Group on Food Safety, ASEAN Food Safety Standard harmonization, ASEAN Prepared Foodstuff, ASEAN National Laboratory Contact Points (NLCP), ASEAN Food Testing Laboratories Committee.

​Zainon has a M Sc. Food Safety and Control (1996).  She completed several work attachments at Food Laboratory, Department of Scientific Services, Institute of Science and Forensic Medicine, Singapore; Veterinary Primary Health Services, Primary Production Department, Singapore; and Central Scientific Laboratory, Central London, United Kingdom and has presented country and technical papers both national and international on behalf of the country Members of Scientific Committee ASEAN Risk Assessment Centre for Food Safety since March 2016.

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