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  2. SALARY SCALE : M6 ($1540 - $1850)



    1. Posses some knowledge on Islam (national official religion), ‘Adat Istiadat Negara’, Malay culture and heritage as well on social development; and Brunei Darussalam economy and politic.

    2. Posses a Certificate in Dispensing or any equivalent qualification recognized by the Government of His Majesty The Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam. Higher qualification in this field would be an advantage.

    3. Currently working or has worked as Trained Dispenser or equivalent to the post for not less than 5 years continuously.

    4. Officers currently working with the Government of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam must achieve a minimal grade of ‘VERY GOOD’ in the performance appraisal report for a period of 3 years. Officer with ‘EXCELLENT’ grade with strong recommendation from the Head of Department is an advantage.

    5. Should be able to speak and write in Malay and English. Ability to converse in other languages, apart from the two mentioned above would be an advantage.


    1. Must be willing to work outside office hours according to work schedule and on-call duties.

    2. Must be willing to work in any districts of Brunei Darussalam as instructed.

    3. Comply with additional requirements under the rules currently in force from time to time.

    4. Must be willing to attend any related training and courses in line with the development of pharmacy from time to time.

    5. Must fulfill all requirements under provisional service.


    1. Successful candidates shall be based in one of the section under the Department of Pharmaceutical Services as listed below:

      • Hospital Pharmacy Service Section

        • Out-Patient Dispensary Unit

        • In-Patient Dispensary Unit

        • Clinical Pharmacy Unit such as Oncology Pharmacy

      • Community Pharmacy Service Section

      • Pharmaceutical Drug Production Section

      • Drug Quality Control Section

      • Pharmacy Enforcement Section

      • Drug Administration Section

      • Procurement and Supply Division, State Medical Store

      Work placement to any of the sections will depend on the requirement of each section together with the qualification or additional experience of the candidates.

    2. Successful candidate shall be carrying out the duties in the respective section to ensure the smooth running of the section. Some of the activities to be undertaken are as follows:

      • Prepare and label medicines in accordance to the doctor’s prescription; dispense and counsel the patient on the prescribed medicines.

      • Carry out ‘double checking’ on the prescription and medicines prepared by other trained dispenser before dispensing them to the patients.

      • Able to provide information related on the use of the medicine and train the hospital staff.

      • Prepare medicines including ‘extemporaneous preparations’ as required from time to time.

      • Ensure the cleanliness of working counter, sink and medicine shelves.

      • Examine the medicine shelves to ensure enough stock and ‘top-up’ when required.

      • Control the stock level of medicine in the pharmacy.

      • Supply medicines to the wards, clinics and district hospitals.

      • Examine and ensure all the medicines are in-dates and recorded any expired stocks, if any.

      • Supervise the repacking activities of medicines.

    3. To assist the Pharmaceutical Chemist at all level and Superintendent Dispenser of the section in carrying out the daily tasks.

    4. Directly responsible directly to the Pharmaceutical Chemist at all level in the section where the candidate is placed in carrying out their services.

    5. Candidate is required to carry out the related assigned job as per instruction given by the Pharmaceutical Chemist at all level in the respective section


If you wish to apply, please download application form SPA 1 and send it with your COMPLETE Curriculum Vitae to