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16 October 2019

COSMETIC Product Found Adulterated

The affected product is RYX SKINCERITY – REJUVENATING SERUM adulterated with Tretinoin.

15 October 2019

ONE Food Product Found Adulterated

The affected product is Matcha Premium (40 tablets).

14 October 2019

MOH Records 117 Smoking Offences under The Tobacco Order 2005

These offences are from July to September 2019.

09 October 2019

THREE Health Products Found Adulterated

The affected products are Skinny Lolita Vegetable Tablets, Blackcurrant TW Booster Tablet and King Man Vigour Man.

09 October 2019

THE 70th Session of The World Health Organization Regional Committee For The Western Pacific

The Meeting began from 7th October until 11th October 2019 in Manila, Philippines.

21 September 2019

ANNOUNCEMENT: Alternative RIPAS Hospital Telephone Line

RIPAS Hospital main telephone line is currently undergoing maintenance until further notice

19 September 2019

HEALTH Programme For Senior Citizens in Belait District

A Health Programme is organised for senior citizens in Belait District on 17 Sept 2019.

16 September 2019

RECALL of Adulterated Food Products

The affected food products are BZ Lemon Tea, California Pure Candy B+ Coffee Extra Power and Mocha B- Candy.

10 September 2019

4 Health Products and 2 Cosmetic Products Found Adulterated

The affected health and cosmetic products were found to be adulterated with undeclared, potent western medicine.

09 September 2019

MINISTRY of Health's Strategic Plan 2019-2023

Minister of Health launched the Ministry's Strategic Plan 2019-2023 books and presented to deputy permanent secretaries and heads of department at the Ministry of Health.

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