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08 August 2018

Two More Cosmetic Products Found Adulterated In The Market

The adulterants found in these products  are potentially hazardous to users

08 August 2018

The Ministry Advises on Dubious Health Treatments or Procedures Provided on Social Media

Treatment or procedure performed by unqualified person can be a health risk that may lead to infection, disability or death<br>

08 August 2018

Ministry of Health and Ministry of Finance Dismisses The Viral News About Fragrant Rice Containing Neonicotinoids

All the rice including Frangrant Rice (Beras Wangi) circulated in the country are safe for consumption

06 August 2018

6 Cosmetic Products Found Adulterated

Members of the public who have purchased or used these products are advised to stop using them immediately

04 August 2018

18 registered Valsartan-containing Medicines In Brunei Are Safe For Use

Affected Valsartan-containing medicines in UK and USA are&nbsp; not marketed in Brunei <br>

04 August 2018

Mental Health Services in Brunei Darussalam

&nbsp;The Ministry urges public to seek immediate help if they are experiencing thoughts of suicide

30 July 2018

Ministry Shares the HFMD Situation in Brunei Darussalam

Number of HFMD cases in the country since early 2018 are stable

28 July 2018

National TB Coordinating Centre starts operations in Kiarong

NTCC services operates from 1 August 2018

18 July 2018

Temporary Road Closure of Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha Hospital Slip Road

This closure will take effect on Thursday, 19 July 2018 for a duration of 3 months

12 July 2018

Two Cosmetic Products Found Adulterated

The adulterant found in these products can cause adverse effects to users

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