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Services provided
- Food Analysis Laboratory
- Microbiology Laboratory
- Environment Laboratory
- Parasitology Laboratory
- Viral Serology Laboratory
- Narcotic Laboratory
- Toxicology Laboratory
- Forensic Biology/DNA Laboratory
- Document Examination Laboratory
- Criminalistic Laboratory

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Provide services in arson investigation to detect and identify flammable substance such as fire debris or liquid sample collected at the scene. Sercices are also offered with examination of physical evidence related to criminal cases, covering areas such as trace evidences analysis.

List of Analysis Services:
(i) Arson analysis test

Analysis of flammable substance such as fire debris.

Analysis of flammable liquid in fire debris / liquid samples.

​(ii) Trace evidence analysis test

  • ​​Hair and fibre examination
  • Analysis of automotive paint sample
  • Analysis of glass
  • Analysis of low explosive / unknown sample
Type of sample / sample received:

(i) Arson analysis test

The best samples to be collected to test and identify flammable substances such as fire debris are wet porous samples (easily absorb materials) such as:

  • Soil
  • Paper
  • Carpet
  • Cloth
  • And to a lesser extent concrete.

Samples must be stored in containers or used airtight such as metal cans or into a glass jar.

(ii) Trace evidence analysis test

Trace evidence analysis identifies and compares specific types of trace materials that could be transferred during the commission of crime. These trace materials include human hairs, textile fibres and fabric, glass, automotive paint and low explosive / unknown sample.