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Makmal Keselamatan Makanan

Food Chemistry Section

​What We Do

Food Chemistry Section offers a range of analytical support services on raw and processed food products in the analysis of food additives, contaminants, nutrition, compositions and adulterants to ensure the quality, safety and halal status of local and imported food in Brunei Darussalam.

Types of Services Offered

NoTypes of AnalysisClient's Charter (TPOR)

Food Additives ​​


Permitted Food Colours

-        Qualitative

-        Quantitative


10 days

20 days



-        Qualitative

-        Quantitative


10 days

20 days



-        Qualitative

-        Quantitative


10 days

20 days

Food Compositions ​​

Proximate Analysis
4Acidity10 days
5Moisture10 days
6Total Ash10 days
7Nitrogen/Protein10 days
8Fat10 days
9Milk Fat10 days
Randicity Tests
10Kreis Test
10 days
11Peroxide Value10 days
Anions & Cations
12a. without sample preparation10 days
13b. with sample preparation20 days
Heavy Metals and Trace Elements by ICP-OES
14a. without sample preparation10 days
15b. with sample preparation20 days
Heavy Metals and Trace Elements by AAS
16a. without sample preparation10 days
17b. with sample preparation20 days
18Mercury by Mercury Analyzer10 days
Alcohol content
19Ethanol 10 days
20Methanol 10 days
21Caffeine 20 days
22Volume content 5 days
23Net Weight 5 days
24pH5 days
25Vitamin C25 days
26Total Soluble Solids (○Brix) 5 days
27Consistency 5 days
28Total Dietary Fibre 21 days
29Crude Fibre for vegetable21 days
30Energy (By Calculation) 21 days
31Carbohydrate (By Calculation) 21 days
32Phosphorus 21 days
33Water Activity5 days

Food Contaminants / Adulterations ​​

34Non- Permitted Food Colours20 days
35Aflatoxins B1, B2. G1 and G225 days
36Aflatoxins M125 days
37Steroids25 days
38Slimming agents 25 days
39Melamine & Cyanuric Acid25 days
40Melamine, Cyanuric Acid, Ammeline & Ammelide25 days
Pesticide Residues
41For (Insecticide) residue analysis and (Fungicide) residue analysis in agriculture commodities10 days
Drug residues

Veterinary drugs

- Chloramphenicol - ELISA

- Nitrofuran Metabolites : AOZ

- Nitrofuran Metabolites : AMOZ



10 days

43Benzene in soft drinks20 days
44Food alert / others25 days
45Formaldehyde in Fish10 days

Authentication / Halal Related Analysis ​​

46DNA-based species Identification21 days
47Pigskin Identification10 days
48Pigbristle Identification10 days
49Pork protein-based Identification 14 days
50Alcohol analysis10 days

NOTE : For private clients and non-government agencies, all the services offered are chargeable. For further info, please contact Food Chemistry Section.

Where to Find Us


Department of Scientific Services

Ministry of Health,

Commonwealth Drive

Jalan Menteri Besar,

Bandar Seri Begawan, BB 3910

Negara Brunei Darussalam

Tel No : +673 2382424

Fax No : +673 2381946

Email :

Contact Details

Hajah Hasinahwati Haji Hanafi (Head of Section)

Email : hasinahwati.hanafi

Tel : +673 2382424 ext 7737


Nur Nisrinah Hj Awg Yusof (Deputy Head of Section)

Email :

Tel : +673 2382424 ext 7744 / 7742 / 7745