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Makmal Toxikologi

Toxicology Section

​What We Do

The Toxicology Section provides a range of analyses for controlled substances, poisons and intoxicating substances on biological samples such as Urine, Blood, Stomach Content and Vitreous Humor (Fluid in the eyeball). The types of analysis conducted include  

·         Drugs of Abuse Screening

·         Confirmatory Analysis for Drugs of Abuse

·         Alcohol Analysis

·         Toluene Analysis

·         Drugs and Poisons Analysis

Types of Services Offered

NoTypes of AnalysisClient's Charter (TPOR)
1.         Drug of Abuse screening 5 Days
2.         Confirmatory Analysis for Drugs of Abuse 16 Days
3.         Alcohol Analysis 7 Days
4.         Toluene Analysis 7 Days
5.         Drugs and Poisons Analysis 21 Days


Where to Find Us


Department of Scientific Services

Ministry of Health,

Commonwealth Drive

Jalan Menteri Besar,

Bandar Seri Begawan, BB 3910

Negara Brunei Darussalam

Tel No : +673 2382424

Fax No : +673 2381946

Email :

Contact Details

Awg Mohd Salleh bin Hj Hussin (Head of Section)

Email :

Tel : +673 2382424 ext 6008 / 6001


Angeline Chua Yu-Lin (Deputy Head of Section)


Tel no: +673 2382424 Ext 6006/6007