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Makmal Toxikologi



Organisation Charts

Services Provided
- Food Analysis Laboratory
- Microbiology Laboratory
- Environment Laboratory
- Parasitology Laboratory
- Viral Serology Laboratory
- Narcotic Laboratory
- Toxicology Laboratory
- Forensic Biology/DNA Laboratory
- Document Examination Laboratory
- Criminalistic Laboratory

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Provide toxicology analysis services and research in both areas, medical and law enforcements.

List of analysis services:

Analysis of alcohol:

  • Ethanol (alcohol)
  • Methanol
Analysis of inhalant material:
  • Toluene
Testing and analyse sample of body fluids to determine drugs, toxins and others.
Testing and analyse elements of trace metal:
  • Aluminium
  • Lead
  • Other elements (consultations with head of laboratory is required regarding with the analysis of non-routine elements)
Testing and analyse items of physical evidence associated with poisoning, death and others.
Types of sample received:
  • Blood
  • urine
  • Vitreous humor
  • Stomach content
  • Items of evidence