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The Medical Education Centre, RIPAS Hospital


Postgraduate Education is organized by:

  1. Postgraduate Advisory & Training Board (PGATB)

    The aim of this board is to provide guidance, advice and training to the postgraduate doctors to achieve the highest attainable qualification for the individual. Training are provided for:
    • Basic Specialty Training
    • Institute of Medicine's postgraduate programmes
    • Parts of Higher Specialty Training
  2. Continuing Medical Education (CME) Committee

    Our CME programme is for doctors to continue updating their medical knowledge. Its aim is to encourage best practice in current medical care.
    The CME committee also:
  • Monitors National CME Activities
  • Checks & Certifies CME Logbooks
  • Acts as the Approval body for non- government sponsored educational events in Brunei.

RIPAS Hospital is actively in the teaching of undergraduate students from variety of institutions all over the world. The students from variety of institutions all over the world. The students come for their clinical attachments or elective in a variety of specialties.

The main institutions involved are:-

  • University of Brunei Darussalam Institute of Medicine
  • University of Queensland Medical School
  • Other medical School in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia

The centre also arranges visit and attachments for students still at school. The activities range from one week visit to in-dept exposure of medical practice such as ward work. The programmes offered are:

  • 1 week rotation in various departments for the post - 'O' Level or 'A' Level Student
  • 1 week clinical shadowing with 2 days working in medical wards
  • Voluntary at the Child Development Centre and Pusat Ehsan

History of Medical Education in RIPAS Hospital
RIPAS Hospital has a long history of medical training going back more then 20 years. The hospital provides a wide range of specialist medical and surgical care.  These same clinical departments provide post graduate medical training to a standard enabling our candidates  to sit their examinations equivalent to the Membership of the Royal Colleges in the UK and Ireland

1982  Paediatrics accredited for sitting MRCP exam Opening of New RIPAS Hospital
1984  MRCP accreditattion for Physicians
1990   Surgery accreditated for sitting FRCS Part 1 and 2
1998  National CME Committee formed
1998  Launch of the Brunei International Medical Journal
1999  Institute of Medicine at UBD, of which many lectures are doctors from Ministry of Health
1999  RIPAS designated a Teaching Hospital for The University of Queensland
2000  General Practice MRGCP programme linked to St Georgres Medical School
2000  Formation of the Postgraduate Advisory and Training Board
2003  Formation of the Clinical Quality Assurance Committee
2004  Accreditation of local programmes for Certificates of completion of Basic Specialty Training (CCBST)
2005  Starting of UBD-Partnership Medical School Programme