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Department of Pharmaceutical Services
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  1. What is Pharmacy?
    Pharmacy is the study of the science of medicines.
  2. What are the career opportunities in the Department of Pharmaceutical Services?
    There are various career opportunities in this department such as being a Pharmacist, Scientific Officer, Dispenser (Pharmacy Technician), Medicines Inspector, Quality Control Technician and Assistant Dispenser. Any chosen career in this department is challenging and rewarding as you can make a positive difference in the lives of patients through their medications.

    Pharmacists (Pharmaceutical Chemist)
    - medicines specialist who provide quality care to people in getting the best from their medication.

    Scientific Officers (Quality Control)
    - professionals responsible for quality assurance and quality activities with respects to the regulation of pharmaceuticals including traditional medicines & health supplements; and cosmetic products.

    Dispensers (Pharmacy Technicians)
    - individuals assisting in dispensing activities under the supervision of a pharmacist.

    Medicines Inspectors
    - officers responsible for
    the enforcement of pharmacy legislation.

    Quality Control Technicians

    individuals, who under the supervision of a scientific officer, performs the analytical test at the drug quality control laboratory.

    Assistant Dispensers
    - individuals assisting in pharmacy activities under the supervision of a pharmacist / dispenser.
  3. Academic requirements
    Pharmacist (Pharmaceutical Chemist)
    - Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy); Bachelor of Pharmacy; Master of Pharmacy (Undergraduate degree).
    (Candidates are also required to be registered with the recognized Pharmacy Board from the country they graduated)

    Scientific Officer
    - Bachelor of Science in Medicinal Chemistry; pharmaceutical Sciences; Pharmacology; Analytical Chemistry; Pharmaceutical Microbiology.

    Dispenser (Pharmacy Technician) & Medicines Inspector
    Pharmacy Technician Certificate or equivalent. (Candidates with minimum 5 O-levels including Science, Maths and English or equivalent can be recruited for on-the-job training and subsequent overseas training in the pharmacy Technician course).

    Quality Control Technicians
    - National BDTVEC / BTEC in Laboratory Science

    Assistant Dispensers
    - minimum 4 O-levels including Malay and Maths or equivalent qualifications.

  4. Where will the successful application be attached in the department?

    Successful applicants will be attached to one of the various sections under the department:
    • Pharmacy Administration section
    • Hospital Pharmacy Services section
    • Community Pharmacy Services Section
    • Drug Quality Control Section
    • Pharmacy Enforcement Section
    • Drug and Poison Information Section
    • Pharmaceutical drug Production Section
    • Drug Registration Section
Procurement and Supplies Division, Ministry of Health (secondment)