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DSS - Department of Scientific Services

About Us
Department of Scientific Services (DSS) is a science based government agency administered by the Ministry of Health to provide the highest level of Scientific  Support Services in Public Health Safety and Law enforcement in Brunei Darussalam.

Over the years the department has diversified into different laboratory services and will continue to expand its scope of services in the fields of public health safety and forensic science. Currently there are 10 operational laboratories under the department which are broadly divided into two section namely Public Health Science and Forensic Science.

Each laboratory is equipped with high technology equipment to assist with the best analytical procedures to produce a reliable result.

Health Science
Food Safety Laboratory
Microbiology Laboratory
Environment Laboratory
Viral Serology Laboratory

Forensic Science
Narcotics Laboratory
Toxicology Laboratory
Forensic Biology / DNA Laboratory
Document Examination Laboratory
Arson Laboratory

Radiation Regulatory
Radiation Safety & Quality Unit


Career Opportunities

  1. Scientific Officer
    1. Responsible in ensuring the smooth operation of the laboratory, conducting and verifying analyses such that accurate, reliable and timely data are produced in an efficient manner.
    2. Contributes actively in the development of new techniques or improving and validating existing laboratory protocols.
    3. May be called to represent the department as expert witness in court cases, as and when summoned.

Academic Requirements
Bachelor degree in Forensic Science, Chemistry with Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Food Science, Physics, Environmental Chemistry or other degree which is relevant to DSS scope of services.

  1. Technician and Laboratory Assistant
    1. Receives samples from clients.
    2. Carries out routine and non-routine analyses, test, experiments and measurements mainly within the laboratory.
    3. Performs daily routine equipment maintenance/checks.
    4. Prepare chemical reagents for all test and analyses.

    Academic requirements :


    BDTEC National Diploma in Science

    Laboratory Assistant
    BDTVEC Pre-National Diploma in Science or 4 GCE O-levels including Science and Mathematics

DSS normally holds an ''open month''  in July where during this month students from secondary schools and other higher institutions are welcome to apply for visit to our laboratories through their respective career or administration offices.

DSS also welcomes students who have completed their A-levels and are interested in pursuing a career in the field of scientific analytical work, to apply for work attachment. In doing so we hope to give the interested applicants some ideas about the choice of courses or subjects to consider when they go to pursue their tertiary and higher education.