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Here are five steps you can do to sanitise your living area from bacterias and viruses:


1. Prepare your cleaning materials:


- Wear a mask to cover your mouth and nose, wear disposable gloves and a use bleach solution or any appropriate disinfectant with indication of effectiveness against bacterias and viruses. 


- Keep the windows open for ventilation, and remember to avoid touching your face and eyes. 


2. Get ready to clean surfaces:


- Prepare the disinfectant or bleach solution (as indicated in the product description).

- Use a mop to clean the floors of your home from one end to another. 


- Use disposable cloths or rags to wipe toilet surfaces and frequently touched areas, such as handles, doorknobs, remote controllers, armrests, switches, etc.


- Do not use a spray pack to apply disinfectant as it may create splashes which can further spread the virus.


3. Wash fabrics properly:


- Use a washing machine and detergent to wash fabrics, such as bed sheets, pillow covers and blankets.


4. Finishing up:


- Repeat mopping the floor of your living area from one end to another, but avoid going from uncleaned areas to cleaned areas, to avoid dirtying the cleaned area.


- With your gloves and face mask on, throw all used cloths, as well as other waste, into a proper plastic trash bag. Tie the trash bag and dispose of it properly. 


- Remove and dispose used gloves and face mask. Then wash your hands with soap and water. Separate clean-up waste from other household waste.


5. Remember to do personal hygiene after you are done:


- Shower and change your clothes.

- Ventilate your living area.


- Remember to avoid sharing household items, and wash used items thoroughly with soap and water.

For more information on cleaning and disinfection procedures, go to the Guildelines page here


NOTE: The information in this webpage is adapted from the National Environment Agency, Singapore.