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The Nursing Services, headed by the Assistant Director of Medical and Health Services (Nursing), is the largest group of personnel providing support services in preventive, promotive, therapeutic and health services to the entire population.

With better education and improved living standards, health demands of the publics become more sophisticated. Health reforms and changes are imperative. This effects the provisions of quality nursing services to meet the needs.

The Nursing administration are continuously assessing and evaluating the nursing services needs, and hence, are responsible for making recommendations for recruitments and training of nursing manpower for both the community and hospitals in the country.

The Development of science and bio-technologies in the treatment of many illnesses have affected not only the technologies in health care but also the organization and delivery of nursing services to meet the nursing care of this patient.

The nursing services and the nursing care in these areas of acute and high dependency, have made it possible for the health team to provide the patients with specialized treatment.

The last five years have witnessed the expansions of community health services with the opening of health centres and health clinics in various areas in the community with the aim of easing the congestion of the hospital outpatients departments. More nursing personnel have been recruited to meet the demand of such nursing services in these areas. THE TRAINING OF NURSING MANPOWER
Most of the nursing manpower are trained locally. The college of nursing, since its inception in 1986, has assisted in the training and education of first level nurses

The Nursing and Midwifery Training Centre continues to produce second level nurses and midwifes in both first and second level. The centre continues the training for most of the nursing staff to meet the national shortage of nurses.

The primary Health Care Training Centre since its opening in 1990 has assisted in providing community health course to level II nurses an midwives, elevating them to community health nursing, maternal, child health and the domiciliary midwifery training

All these training centres are working closely to generate proficient nursing manpower to case the shortages of manpower.

The Continuing Nursing Education Events in the table 1 & 2 below are organized by the Continuing Nursing Education Unit (CNEU), Department of Nursing Services, Ministry of Health located in RIPAS Hospital. These events and dates may be subjected to changes. For further enquiries regarding these events please contact:

The Continuing Nursing Education Unit (CNEU) Tel & Fax : 224 0164



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