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Important Note

Applications submitted without the complete set of supporting documents required or application fee will not be processed. The processing time for each application will take minimum two (2) weeks, provided application and all required documents and information are in order as determined by the Allied Health Professions Council of Brunei Darussalam (AHPCBD).


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    1. Fill in all sections of the Application Form clearly in blue/black ink and block letters.
    2. Unless otherwise provided, cross reference to supporting documents is not allowed. E.g. 

      "Please refer to enclosed/attached" is not acceptable.
    3. The completed Application Form (original) with all applicable supporting documents (See List A) and the application fee1 shall be forwarded to the 2nd Floor, Boards Management Office, Ministry of Health (for private practice applicants - through the employer/prospective employer in Brunei Darussalam).
    4. If you have graduated from a training programme outside of Brunei, please arrange for the University or Institute of Higher Learning awarding the qualification to send the following to the Council directly: 
        • A Letter of Verification2 of your basic and postgraduate qualification (if applicable), 
        • A copy of Examination Result Transcripts for every year of your education, and 
        • An original testimonial from the Dean, Registrar or Lecturer of the University or Institute of Higher Learning, attesting to your good character (required for fresh graduates only). 
    5. If you have been registered or licensed in another country within the past 3 years, please arrange with the regulatory or licensing authority with whom you were registered or licensed, to send direct to the Council a Certificate of Good Standing3 and details4 of your registration or licensure.
    6. You may also be required to submit additional documents or information to the Council upon request.
    7. Any document which is not in English shall be submitted with a certified translation thereof in English, together with the original or certified true copy of the document which is not in English.

  1. The prescribed application fee of is non-refundable and may be paid by cash only.

  2. The Letter of Verification from the University or Institute of Higher Learning must contain the applicant's name, date of entry into the course, date of graduation, degree or title conferred, medium of instruction for the course, and must be duly endorsed by the Dean, Registrar or an authorised officer of the awarding institution if such information is not already included in the transcript.

  3. The Certificate/Letter of Good Standing must reach the Council within 3 months of its date of issue.

  4. Details of registration or licensure must contain the applicant's name, date and type of registration, registration number, information on his/her professional conduct, information on his/her registration suspension or cancellation, and fitness to practice if not already included in the Certificate of Good Standing.

 **Important Note: For instructions 6 and 7 listed above, the applicant is responsible for arranging with the relevant institution and/or overseas regulatory or licensing authority to send the required documents directly to the Council at the following address:

Allied Health Professions Council of Brunei Darussalam
1st Floor, Ministry of Health,
Commonwealth Drive,
Brunei Darussalam BB3190.
Phone: 2381640 Ext: 7632