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Boards Management Office (BMO)

Ensuring public safety by regulating Brunei's health practitioners in 

partnership with health professional Boards and Councils.



 BMO is mandated to:

- Improve capacity to ensure public safety through maintaining and improving standards -

- Reduce red tape and increase efficiencies through lean management  and hence optimizing boards and councils performance - 

- Ensure that boards and councils maintain impartiality and uphold values of integrity -


Roles and Functions

1. Centralised registration of health professionals

- Provide centralized application for registration for all Boards -

             - Maintain a register of professionals in a centralized database system -


2. Standards and guidelines

- Supporting the Boards on professional standards, codes and guidelines in protecting public safety -


3. Provides guidance for accreditation, education and training:

- Work closely with relevent Boards in providing guidances in the recognition/accreditation

of health related programs and professional development -


4. Health Practitioners Notification (Feedback and Concerns) Management:

- Feedback and Concerns related to health practitioners can be forwaded to BMO 

for further  necessary action if relevant -


5. Collaborate with relevant departments/agencies concerning health practitioners

6. Monitor Performance of each of the Boards:

- All Boards are required to submit their annual report which will be published -

BMO Structure revised Nov 2017.jpg


Click here for Registration process - 

​​​​ ​ ​ ​Registration Forms
​            Brunei Medical 
​             Nursing Board  
             of Brunei 

​                    Brunei Darussalam 
               Pharmacy Board
        ​    Traditional and
       Comp​lementary             Medicine Unit
General Registration Form

​​ ​
Temporary Registration Form BMB 3

​Application Forms For Supporting Letter ​ ​
​Permohonan Sokongan MoH  

Request of Supporting Letter Form
​Carta Aliran Permohonan Sokongan LPA
Carta Aliran Permohonan Sokongan Pendaftaran Syarikat (ROCBN)


​                                                                                 Notification (Complaint) 

Click here​ for Notification handling policy and procedure -

                                                                - Click here​ for Notifications Forms - 


Annual Report

2016 report -


How to reach us:​

Boards Management Office

2nd Floor, Ministry of Health

Bandar Seri Begawan BB3910

Brunei Darussalam

Tel: +673 2380170

Fax: +673 2382032