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Orthotist / Prosthetic Unit

Orthotist / Prosthetic As A Career

Orthotist / Prosthetist
Orthotist / Prosthetist is a health care professional, they work together with other care professional as a member of a clinical team in the examination of a patient, advising on the types and effectiveness of prosthetic and orthotic treatment.

What do Orthotist / Prosthetist do?
Orthotist / Prosthetist work to combat a broad range of physical problems, in particular those associated with neuromuscular and musculoskeletal system.

The following are some of the work done by the Orthotist / Prosthetist:

  • Accepting referral cases from other health care professionals
  • Manufacturing of artificial limbs
  • Repairing of artificial limbs
  • Manufacturing of orthotic devices
  • Fixing all kind of orthotic devices (readily available devices)
  • Making of splints with thermoplastic materials
  • Modification of shoes

Prosthetist / Orthotist ia a three or four years degree course leading to the award of Bachelor of Prosthetict / Orthotics. It is predominantly a set course of academic, clinical and practical work.

Subjects include Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics.