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What we do:

Empower Bruneians to be healthy and fit by:

  • Raising the level of awareness, knowledge and understanding on health matters particularly lifestyle-related diseases.
  • Serving as a resource centre for enabling the public to acquire information, skills and tools to manage their health.
  • Functioning as a community outreach centre with special focus on providing health education programmes and activities for children and the youth.


10 January 2007: Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony between the Ministry of Health and Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd (BSP) for the establishment of the Health Promotion Centre in Brunei Darussalam on

13 November 2008: Official opening ceremony of the Health Promotion Centre by His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam


Together Towards a Healthy Nation (‘Bersama Ke Arah Warga Sihat’)


Empowering People Towards Healthy Living (‘Memperkasa Rakyat Kearah Kehidupan Sihat’)


Divisions under HPC:

1. Community Outreach Division (COP)
What we do:
Promote health to the community in Brunei Darussalam through:

  • The Adult Health Promotion (HP) Unit
  • Workplace HP Programme
  • Elderly Programme
  • Health in All Policies Initiatives
  • The Youth Healthy Lifestyle Programme Unit • The Nurse-Led Programme and activities  

Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) Programme
A Workplace health promotion (WHP) programme is “ A continuous process for the enhancement of the quality of working life, health and well being of all working populations through environmental improvement (physical, psychosocial, organizational, economic), personal empowerment and personal growth”. (World Health Organization, 1977).

What we do:

Facilitate the development and implementation of a Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) programme in all Government Ministries, by:

  • implementing the Program ‘AFIAH which is a WHP Programme for the staff members working in the Ministry of Health’s complex as a showcase for other ministries  


Elderly Healthy Lifestyle Programme

Set up to address the challenge of the ageing population in Brunei Darussalam

What was done:

Focus Group Discussion was held to hear various concerns of the elderly as part of World Health Day 2012 (Theme ‘Ageing and Health)

  • identified the elderly clients of Pusat Kegiatan Warga Emas (PGWE), in Mukim Berakas ‘B’and the surrounding community as target population
  • talks given on the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle by with healthy nutrition, remaining active and avoiding tobacco-use.
  • talks delivered on the ‘4 giants of geriatric syndrome’ namely falls, incontinence, depression and dementia and also on hearing, vision, oral health and appropriate use of medications amongst the elderly, including various functional screening and counselling activities.
  • conducted a weekly structured physical activity programme for the elderly clients.


  • The total attendances for all talks were 408 (162 male and 246 female).
  • Senior Fitness Tests and Quick Screening Test done with total attendance of 63 (24 male and 39 female).
  • Eye test. Total attendance were 36 (16 male and 20 female).
  • A weekly structured exercise programme namely ‘Zumba Gold and Poco Poco’. Total attendances at these physical activities = 316 (92 male and 224 female).
  • A FDG done on representatives of the participants (18th Feb 2015)
    -    Feedback = wanted the programme to continue in the future
    -    Overall evaluation = 67% excellent and 33% good
  • Extended programme to Belait (24 Feb 2015 - 5 Jan 2016)


Youth Healthy Lifestyle (YHL) Programme
What we do:
Targets youth aged about 25 and below.
Focuses on those going to school or universities/colleges Issues faced:

  • Tobacco and vape use;
  • Unhealthy diet + inactivity = obese youth
  • Reproductive health issues like Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI), teenage pregnancy (TP) because of promiscuity, drug abuse and alcohol intake, by:
  • Core activities aimed at empowering youth to healthy living
  • Support other youth programmes such as PKBN (Program Khidmat Bakti Negara), Forum Sinar, Kursus Pra-nikah and U.M.A..T Youth Camp).

Nurse-led Programme


What we do:

  • Backbone to certain programmes in HPC such as Klinik Cara Hidup SIhat (weightloss clinic) and opportunistic health screening
  • Support other teams and programmes in Health Promotion Centre

2. Healthy Lifestyle & Promotion Division
•    Tobacco Free for Life (TF4L) Programme
•    Klinik Cara Hidup SIhat (weight-loss clinic)
•    Health-Pro

Tobacco Free for Life (TF4L) Programme
What we do:

  • Educate public on tobacco-free environments
  • Provide smoking cessation aid and information
  • Update and provide smoking cessation guidance for doctors and other health professionals and certify health professionals as smoking cessation counselors

How we do it:

  • Expand smoking cessation clinics to all hospitals
  • Empower public against tobacco and vape use
  • Increase the number of health professionals certified as smoking cessation counsellors and ensure they on par with international standards
  • Increase the number of smokers registering at the nearest smoking cessation facility

Klinik Cara Hidup SIhat (weight-loss clinic) Programme
What we do:
Provides healthy lifestyle programmes and services to assist clients develop what they need to lose weight like motivation, proper eating, exercise habits, and appreciation of better health.
The criteria of acceptance to the programme are
        -  adults, 18 years and older
        -  Body Mass Index (BMI) equal to or more than 30 kg/m2,
        -  able to commit to sessions twice a week and
        -  Medically fit to undergo the rigours of exercise.


How we do it:
Aim  for participants to lose 5 to 10% of body weight within a period of 10 weeks



These are the drivers behind the Health Promotion Centre consisting of a multidisciplinary team of doctors and other health professionals, including nutritionists, sport scientists, psychologists and so on.

Health-pro leads teams and programmes such as the healthy supermarket programme and #capai30 encouraging healthy lifestyle choices


3. The Management, Strategic Planning and Partnership (MSP) Division

What we do:

  • make HPC more efficient and effective by driving change across HPC in all aspects, including administration, finance, planning and collaboration.
  • MSP determines strategic priorities and change efforts, tracks how HPC is doing against all its short to long term targets.


MSP Division further divided into 3:

  1. The Management Unit handles the daily administrative role in HPC. This unit also handles the budget as well as managing procurements and payments within HPC.
  2. The Strategic Planning Unit handles the development and reporting of HPC’s strategic planning, direction, decision formulation of its short, medium and long term targets and KPIs.
  3. The Partnership Unit handles the planning and coordination of acquiring strategic partners in the running and collaboration of HPC’s health programmes through Memorandums of Understanding/Agreement or grants.

4. Resource and Social Marketing (RSM) ​Division 
What we do:

  • make HPC more efficient and effective by driving change across HPC in all aspects, including administration, finance, planning and collaboration.
  • MSP determines strategic priorities and change efforts, tracks how HPC is doing against all its short to long term targets.

RSM is divided into 3 sub-units:
Health Communication and Social Marketing oversees the overall promotion and marketing programmes run by the HPC.


Health Galleria is an exhibition hall which provides knowledge and experience on different aspects of health including lifestyle and personal care; in an attractive, innovative and interactive way.

Resource Centre provides a professional public library & technical support service to health professionals and relevant stakeholders and a clearing house for printed material such as leaflets and posters.