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A one-stop mobile application for anything COVID-19 related in Brunei Darussalam.  

BruHealth apps can be downloaded from Google Playstore (for Android) and App Store (for iOS).

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To assist in planning and implementation of the reduction of social distancing measures (De-escalation Plan)

BruHealth uses algorithms to determine the individual personal health status with the use of questionnaire related to their health status.


  • Epidemic update: Contains an overview of Brunei and the global COVID-19 situation (latest statistics and trends).
  • Personal assessment code: This code reflects the infectious risk of the user and will determine the type of activities the user can take part in
  • COVID-19 Self-assessment tool: A tool that assesses your risk factor to COVID-19 and is used as a reference only. It does not provide any medical diagnosis, treatment advice and medication guidance.
  • Friday Prayers Code: This code is used to book for your next Friday prayer, and to determine if you are healthy and well enough to attend Friday prayers.*not applicable anymore
  • COVID-19 knowledge: Includes press releases issued by the government related to COVID-19, as well as articles infographics on COVID-19
  • FAQ's on COVID-19: Frequently asked questions of COVID-19.
  • Nearby: Shows the activity trace of the confirmed cases in Brunei and locations of medical resources.
  • Scan QR Code – allows users to scan the QR codes at business premises or locations that has applied for the BruHealth QR Code. Entry to the premise is determined by the event code of the users.
  • Online visit Appointment - Make an early booking to get a meeting with the doctor without having to come early at the Government Hospitals and Clinics
  • Online Personal Health Records - Access your health records
  • Online Video Consultation - Make an online Video Consultation Booking and Appointment without having to physically come to the health centers.


  • Facilitate contact tracing
  • To detect early symptom of infectious disease
  • To ensure all user to make their health assessment every day
  • Use of QR Code Scanning at every government building and business premises
  • Provides convenience to users to access their health records
  • Make an online hospital / clinic visit appointment
  • Make an online video consultation


BruHealth was officially released on March 2020 by the Ministry of Health under the direction of His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei Darussalam to engage its residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. BruHealth app is different from other contact tracing apps adopted in other countries as it integrates with the health data of patients.

The app provides residents of Brunei updates on COVID-19 development and related policy measures, monitors health conditions of residents of Brunei through the self-assessment feature and tracks risk exposure of residents of Brunei using Bluetooth and GPS tracking features.