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Bru-HIMS a Ministry of Health’s ICT initiative where the management of all patients data in Government Hospitals, Out Patient Departments, Treatment Centres and Clinics in Brunei Darussalam are done electronically through a Electronic Patient Record System. The project not only replaces the old computerized system but would also include extra functions which will thus integrating the management of patients’ information across the Medical and Health Services. Some of the systems integrated into Bru-HIMS are:

bullet s.jpg​Appointment System
bullet s.jpgOut Patient Management System
bullet s.jpgIn Patient Management System
bullet s.jpgClinical Care System
bullet s.jpgLaboratory System
bullet s.jpgPharmaceutical System
bullet s.jpgRadiology System
bullet s.jpgAccident and Emergency System
bullet s.jpgNursing System
bullet s.jpgOperation Theater System; and
bullet s.jpgAsset System

The Bru-HIMS System adopts the concept of One Patient One Record where patients’ medical data that has been recorded from all government hospitals, outpatient services, treatment centres and clinics can be collected together under one Electronic Patient Record. Each individual in Brunei will have one Electronic Patient Record which contains a comprehensive collection their medical history including information regarding patients prescribed medications and the tests that has been undergone.