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Registration and Application Forms
All medical practitioners and dentists practising clinically in Brunei must be registered with the Brunei Medical Board

Types of Registration

  1. Full Registration
    • For those in permanent posts or on contract.
In addition, those in private practice require an Annual Practising Certificate.

2. Temporary Registration
  • For Locums and those on daily pay
  • Also for visiting Consultants in the private sector.
Application forms may be obtained from the Brunei Medical Board office or may be downloaded. First-time registrants need to produce original documents and certificates for sighting, as well as proof of identity.

Download Form
​BMB1 Application for Full Registration
​BMB2 Application for Annual Practising Certificate
​BMB3 Application for Temporary Registration
​BMB4 Update of Personal Particulars
BMB5 Application for Letter of Good Standing
​BMB6 Application for Renewal of Annual Practising Certificate/Licence
BMB7​ Return From Further Training Form
​BMB1-3 & 6
Supporting Documents For Application Forms BMB1-3 & 6