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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Medical and Health Research and Ethics Committee (MHREC)

The mission of the Medical and Health Research & Ethics Committee (MHREC) is to conduct scientific and ethical assessment of all studies pertaining to all aspects of human health research conducted by both Ministry of Health (MOH) and non-MOH researchers in Brunei Darussalam.



1. ​There will be strictly no retrospective approval given by MHREC for any research study

Reference: Minute KK/TSUT(P)/E06/2009 dated 8 November 2022 by Deputy Permanent Secretary (Professional)

​​2. Effective from 1st September 2023 all ethics research applications to MHREC are 

to be submitted directly to BREU (


​Checklists and  Meeting Dates

​Updated 2023
​MHREC Meeting Dates for 2024
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​​Updated 2021
Investigator’s Curriculum Vitae Form

NOTE: Relevant clinical supervisor is needed for all research.​​
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​​Updated 2023
New BREU Checklist  (Effective 1 September 2023)
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​​Updated 2021
​Brunei Darussalam Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice
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​​Updated 2021
​MHREC Operational Manual
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​​Updated 2023
​MHREC Meeting Oral Presentation Guidelines

MHREC Meeting Oral Presentation Template 
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Updated 2023
MHREC-BREU Flowchart (Effective 1 September 2023)
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​​Updated 2023
MHREC Proposal Template (Effective 1 September 2023)

NOTE: This is a guide for researchers and therefore, a full research proposal will also need to be submitted along with the template.
​​MHREC Proposal Template V2.docx


Medical and Health Research and Ethics Committee

Executive Screening Suite, Baseline Level One, RIPAS Hospital,

Bandar Seri Begawan BA 1710, Brunei Darussalam