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​​Medical and Health Research Ethics Committee (MHREC)

The mission of the Medical and Health Research & Ethics Committee (MHREC) is to conduct scientific and ethical assessment of all studies pertaining to all aspects of human health research conducted by both Ministry of Health (MOH) and non-MOH researchers in Brunei Darussalam.



Permission from Biomedical Research and Ethic Unit (BREU) is needed to conduct any research in the Ministry of Health. 

BREU checklist, MHREC Checklist and deadlines for submission can be found below. 



Medical and Health Research and Ethics Committee

Executive Screening Suite, Baseline Level One, RIPAS Hospital,

Bandar Seri Begawan BA 1710, Brunei Darussalam



​Checklists and  Meeting Dates

​Updated 2023
​MHREC Meeting Dates for 2023
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​​Updated 2021
Investigator’s Curriculum Vitae Form
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Updated 2023
​Checklist for Submission of Research Protocols 
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​​Updated 2023
​Checklist for BREU submission
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​​Updated 2021
​Brunei Darussalam Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice
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​​Updated 2021
​MHREC Operational Manual
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​​Updated 2021
​MHREC Meeting Oral Presentation Guidelines
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​​Updated 2022​MHREC Submission Flowchart
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