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My health, online. 

The Ministry's commitment to quality care has always included providing access to the health information by various means. This includes managing your health via online. 



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Health conditions and treatments.

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Health Infographics.

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Immunisation week 

Quit Now!

Obesity & Diabetes Are you making yourself ill during Raya? Healthy menus for Raya open house
Watch your weight Eat like a PRO this Raya Getting back on track with exercise Mindful Eating - a way not to overindulge

Are you F.I.T.T?
Diphtheria Healthy workplace 101       Be active @ work World Breastfeeding Week 2016

Benefits of Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding & Climate Change
Tips to Manage Your Medicine
Medicine Compliance - Am I being Compliant? "Feeling Sick? And Can't Come to Work?"
Burn Your Calories
Healthy Ageing What is Zika?
How is Zika infection prevented?

Is there a treatment for Zika?
Protect Your Home and Surroundings from Zika
10 Benefits of Running The Power of Phytochemicals
Ensuring Meat Safety During This Festive Season (Aidil Adha)
Stay Safe from Zika When Travelling
Embrace a New Shopping Adventure
Eating out: From Bad to the Best
Fruity Wonders
World Heart
Day 2016
How To Stay Protected 
From Zika While 
Walking Put Your Best Foot Forward

World Obesity Day 2016
Breast Cancer Awareness Month Safety Tips
While Cycling

ABC of Healthy Living

Men's Health

Dengue (part 1)

Dengue (part 2)

Stay Safe from Zika When Traveling (updated - part 1)

Stay Safe from Zika
When Travelin

(updated - part 2)

BE FAST to respond

World Diabetes Day 2016 : Eyes on Diabetes

Getting ahead of Diabetes:
Take Care of Your Eyes

#Hands Up for HIV Prevention

"Golden Rules" for Food Safety Preparation

Indoor Cycling

World Kidney Day 2017: Kidney Disease & Obesity. Move for kidneys

World Health Day 2017: Depression - Let's Talk

Western Pacific Regional Immunisation Week 2017: Vaccination is Everyone's Job, Protect Your Children, Protect Our Community

World Hand Hygiene Day 2017: Save Lives, Clean Your Hands and Fight Antibiotic Resistance

World Move For Health Day 2017

World No Tobacco Day 

Langkah bagi penyediaan makanan yang selamat di bulan Ramadhan

Buffet Ramadhan - Berbuka Secara Sihat

World Blood Donor Day 2017
How much sugar do you drink? 
 Sugar-sweetened Beverages

Raya food calorie 
vs cycling

Raya food calorie
 vs running

Eliminate Hepatitis

World Heart Day

Mukim Seria 1000 Steps:
Infographic 1
Infographic 2
Infographic 3 

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

HIV in Pregnancy (part 1)
HIV in Pregnancy (part 2)

6 steps of hand hygiene

World Stroke Day 2017

World Diabetes Day 2017

Nasihat Kesihatan Semasa Banjir
Health Advice During Flood

World Cancer Day 2018:
Infographic 1
Infographic 2

Medication Use During Fasting

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (2018)

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (2019)

How Are You?
Mental Health Matters

​Influenza (malay)
Poster A
Poster B

Influenza (English)
Poster A
Poster B

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Coming soon...

Coming soon...


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