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Makmal Forensik Biologi-DNA

Forensic Biology Section

What we do

Forensic Biology Section offers DNA testing for biological materials in determining the DNA profile of individuals for law enforcement agencies and offers paternity testing to law and religious enforcement agencies and private clients in Brunei Darussalam.

Our Services

Test Description

DNA Profiling from FTA card

DNA Profiling from Blood Stain

DNA Profiling from Saliva Stain

DNA Profiling from Semen Stain

Paternity Testing with Interpretation and Reporting

Types of Cases
Types of Exhibits
Alleged rape & sexual assault 
​Body fluids stains (Blood, Saliva, Semen)
Theft & break-ins 
Bone and teeth samples
Alleged homocide
Hair samples
Alleged suicide  
Alleged grievious hurt 
Traffic cases  
Swabs / Touch DNA
Possession of arms  
Weapons / Tools
FTA cards

Analysis Duration

Types of ServiceDuration
1Receiving Exhibits/Reference Samples
1 hour
2DNA Testing for casework90 days*
​3​Paternity Testing
​30 days*
​4​Preparation of Report after completion of analysis
​1 day
​5Dispatching Report
​1 hour

* business days after opening case(s)

Where to Find Us


Department of Scientific Services

Ministry of Health,

Commonwealth Drive

Jalan Menteri Besar,

Bandar Seri Begawan

BB 3910

Negara Brunei Darussalam

Tel No : +673 2382424

Fax No : +673 2381946

Email :

Contact Details

Vianaliza Rajak (Head of Section)


Tel : +673 2382424 ext 6078

Nuramalina Sawal (Deputy Head of Section)


Tel: +673 2382424 ext 6068