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​​Community health


In a nutshell:
The Community Health Services provide effective and comprehensive services, easily ac-cessable and acceptable to the community, focusing on the aspect pf prevention and health promotion.

The Community Health Services consist of the following:
1) Primary Health Care Services
What we do: We provide treatment for minor ailments provide as well as treatment of stable chronic cases referred to the health centres such as diabetes and hypertension
The components of primary care consist of:
•    Outpatients Services
•    Maternal and Child Health Services
•    Flying Medical Services.
There are 15 health centers in the country, 10 health clinics, 22 Maternal and Child Health Clinics and 7 travelling clinics.

2) School Health Services

3) District Health Services
What we do: Outside Brunei-Muara, primary health care function under a Senior Medical Officer/Medical Officer. We also provide other aspects of community and environmental health care at district level.
4) Community Nursing Services
What we do: We are the nursing team that supports community health care and also en-sures that nurses are kept well-trained to the highest standards like their counterparts in hospitals.

5)  Community Psychology Services

What we do: Offers walk-in psychology clinics during office hours that provide counselling and "Talk Therapy". 

These are available at:

Block 2G, 4th Floor, Ong Sum Ping Condominium, Bandar Seri Begawan

Tel: 2237546, 8699614

E-mail us at: