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    ​Why Bru-HIMS?

    bullet s.jpgPatient care

      • Doctors and nurses can access patients' files, notes and test results faster

      • Eliminates misplaced or missing notes

      • Ability to access all files and notes of inpatients transferred from other locations. Previously patient clinical notes (manual) are only photocopied in parts only

      • Solve the problem with illegible handwriting, hence reduce request errors. Therefore orders are better documented and more concise

      • Improve diagnosis

      • Improves patient care

    bullet s.jpgWork processes

      • Improve the standardization of work processes in different hospitals and health facilities
      • Admission process is much better
        • There is no need to write patients detail repeatedly (less duplicate writing) à less paperwork such as filling forms

    bullet s.jpgEfficient services

      • Minimize duplication of test orders

      • Better management and administration of medication and stock. It facilitates monitoring/tracking of stock movement

    bullet s.jpgPatient safety

      • Audit trail report is available for any investigation report.