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If a local manufacturer, vendor or trader wants to export their product into another country, either for sale, exhibitions or any other purposes, they must first:

1. Check the requirements of the importing country

Before exporting, it is best to check the requirements of the country you wish to export to. Different countries have different requirements and conditions in relation to the type of food that can be imported, its standard, safety and hygiene. Different food commodities may also require compliance to requirements of one or more authority.

It is recommended to liaise with their foreign counterpart for to better understand the requirements  as it is easier for them to check the information with their local authority.

2. If required by the exporting country, apply for Export (Health) Certificate

The documents required by the exporting country may vary. If the country requests for health or export certification, then they can request for Export (Health) Certificate from our Division.

It is also important to note that not all countries require export (health) certificate but require other forms of documents to verify their safety and hygiene.

Click here to know how to apply for the Export (Health) Certificate.