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At any given time, food officers appointed by the Director can enter a food premise or establishment for the purpose of doing market surveillance. This is stated in the Public Health (Food) Act (chapter 182) and any hindrance is an offence under the act.

Food officers are responsible for the enforcement the Act and its Regulations. The Food officers can:

  1. Take samples of foods for analysis;
  2. Inspect the package of food products;
  3. Open and examine any packages which may contain any food products;
  4. Stop, search or detain any vehicles which are believed to contain any food products and take samples;
  5. Examine, seize or takes copies of any documentation, books or records in any premise which may contain information that relates to the Act and its enforcement;
  6. Seize or detain any foods which are believed to violate the Act, Regulations and its enforcement.
  7. Request other relevant documentations (e.g. business license, proof of identity etc.)
  8. Mark, seal, secure, weigh, count or measure any food or appliance to ensure that they are not contrary to that stated in the Act.

The food officer can destroy, prohibit the importation or surrendered by the owner for destruction (with consent) any foods which are considered injurious to health or unfit for human consumption.

Any information given to the Food Safety and Quality Control Division and its officers will be undisclosed.